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Engine Design
Speedway & Grass Track Motorcycle Engine Godden Engineering grasstrack motorcycle engine

Full Engine

The last major project that we undertook was to design and develop a single cylinder motor cycle engine for racing. The work was undertaken for the manufacturer of the engine with a view to improving performance and reducing weight. At the outset this was a tough challenge, however now the engine produces approximately 63 BHP – doesn’t sound like a lot, but if this were put into car terms this would be a normally aspirated 2 litre engine producing 250 BHP straight from the crate and weighing less than 30 kilograms. Not bad I think you’ll find.

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ebd Pressure Converter
BAR to PSI to KPa Converter
BAR (1 bar = 14.50326 psi)
PSI (1 psi = 0.06895 bar)
KPa (1 psi = 6.8948 KPa)
Bar is a measure of pressure. 1bar = approx 14.5 psi, this equates to the average atmospheric pressure at sea level.
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Engineering Data Section added


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A section has been added with Engineering Data that everyone should find useful!

The Details:

RAL 9000 Colour Chart
Hydraulic calculator
IP Ratings Description
Hardness Table
Imperial Threads
Surface Finish Numbers
Surface Finishes
Threadform Data

under Construction Any questions, comments or additions? - Please email webmaster@engineeredbydesign.co.uk
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RAL Colour Chart
RAL Colour Chart:


RAL 9000 Colour Chart  
Follow the link for a RAL Colour chart. These colour charts are for reference only as they will vary from computer to computer - depending on your screen & display settings.
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PC Tips & Tricks Page Added:
DBWorks Data Cleansing Spreadsheet  

A Page Has been adeed with Tutorials & Tips and Tricks for Excel, Keyboard shortcuts,

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ebdEarth.com updated!
ebdEarth   ebdEarth.com has been updated - all the relevent information regarding the ebdEarth csv2kml converter can now be found over there!
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Online KML - created with ebdEarth

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KML File Saved Online - generated with the ebd csv2kml

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Set Of Stainless Steel Rocker Cover Bolts & Spark Plug Cover To Suit Vauxhall X20XE C20XE & C20LET

We at Engineered By Design have made available this great little kit, for only £7.99 + P&P - Here
Item details

Complete Set of HIgh Grade A2 Stainless Steel Cap Head Bolts to replace the old ones on your Redtop

Bolts Include:

  • High Quality Stainless Steel Form A washers
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Form B (spring) washers
  • Cap Head Bolts of the exact size to suit
  • Replaces Rocker Cover (Camshaft Housing Cover) Bolts
  • Spark Plug Cover

Beware of other kits that do not include Stainless Steel washers with them, just plain steel!

Click Here to see the listing on ebay!

Pictures, click to enlarge


Bolts  Bolts  

Bolts  Bolts 

Click Here to go the the ebay Auction



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